Where to begin...

Where to begin… Somewhere in 2014, as happens with many couples, Emmy and I (Justin) took a step back and gave our life a solid “looking over”. At the time, we were both working full time while trying to raise our two young children as sensibly as we could (or paying an admittedly amazing nanny to fill in where we weren’t). Life had gotten complicated. And busy. And stressful. And we were both having some pretty negative feelings about the way things were going; the future we had spent so many hours excitedly dreaming about when we were younger had arrived, and it was starkly different than planned.

When dating, I had been a schooner bum for some years and we often talked about how we’d one day buy a boat, travel Earth’s oceans, and see the world. When reflecting on where we had led our lives, we had been been so wrapped up in “being adults” that we had forgotten our younger selves and the family, experiences, relationships they wanted. We had followed advise and made decisions hoping for outcomes that really either wouldn’t have mattered, wouldn’t have worked, or cost too much, and were often all of the above.

So, with this in mind and after weighing every option we could conjure, we sold everything, bought a boat, and have been getting back to the people we were always meant to be.

This blog has (as we have) had many iterations. After much thought, we decided that By Way Of The Sea wasn’t going to be a travel blog. It wasn’t going to be a “How To…” It wasn’t going to be a log. By Way Of The Sea is a blog sharing the perspective we’re given through living and traveling on our boat. It’s this perspective that boaters, travelers, liveaboards often get the most excited about. It’s what we get excited about, so we’re going to share it with you here, at By Way Of The Sea.

Justin E. Brown