We're still here! 2016 tho'...

This photo has literally zero to do with this post, but I've been particularly hopelessly in love with this woman lately, and as literally the most beautiful woman I've seen... I just wanted to put it here.

This photo has literally zero to do with this post, but I've been particularly hopelessly in love with this woman lately, and as literally the most beautiful woman I've seen... I just wanted to put it here.

Ok. I've been sitting here writing for a little over four hours now, trying to get a post together that doesn't read like a Brittanica volume (i.e. moderately interesting) and somehow sums up the last seven months since I've posted. It's not happening. I don't know why it isn't happening, but it just isn't. I really wanted it to, but alas... the cold hard reality is in.

Finally picked up a real camera. The thing is amazing...

The bottom line is that we - I - miss the blog. I miss writing, and I really want to build this blog into something of a community of... and I'm going to. It's been so long since the last post for two main reasons. 1) We started a vlog on YouTube (check it out here) early October and we were thinking that it would suffice. I think there's a lot of room for some really cool content here, so I've come out of hiding, and I'm going to get back on it. So stay tuned.

And, 2) the last few months have been sort of a mind f@ck that I'm just recently recovering from. Three days after my parents rejoined us down here for the holidays, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and has been going through some really rough treatments until a few weeks ago. She - we - got SUPER lucky and due to some former unfortunate-turned-lifesaving events, they caught a particularly nasty cancer in its earliest stages and its teeth hadn't much time to bare. The absolutely outstanding oncologist she found got straight to it, was wicked aggressive, and sent that sh!t packin'. After a few precautionary rounds of chemo (that is some brutal stuff, and I genuinely am in awe of anyone who survives that, let alone the cancer), she just got a clean bill of health and, as I type, is getting s/v Golden Echo ready for the trip north - fresh lease on life in hand. I'm not a "god-fearing" man, but the universe, fate, whatever you think, has been planning for this cancer seemingly since 1981, and the offense came together flawlessly; the pieces were set, and (influence of your choosing) opened ruthlessly with a Stonewall Attack. - (that's a little chess reference there for ya... Google it. It's awesome.)

Tessa doin' work!

At some point (and I do recognize I write this often) I might get a little deeper into this experience, but hard as I've tried (like, the last four hours...) it just comes out like gibberish and maybe I just shouldn't. Like... it's kind of personal and more feelings than ideas? In any case, that happened and it was a really rough time to go through. 2016 was a bear...

I feel like this might be falling apart again, so I'm going to kill it. But, we DO want you to know that we're still here, and we're stoked to get back to putting together some good stuff for you. We're working on some cool ideas for expanding the blog, and we should have some more videos up on YouTube hopefully soon. Emmy and the kids are fantastic, Prelude's about ready to bust out of the cape and ride the stream north, and we're all just generally stoked to finally get back on the ocean and see what we can see!

Here's Finn, just looking adorbs.

I hope this finds you bogged down in just pure awesome, and that it's been a solid year thus far. Use the comments, the contact link, YouTube, smoke signals (if you're close... and weather permitting) and say hey, ask any questions, let us know if there's something you'd like us to cover, for daily weather updates from Cape Canaveral live*... We love hearing from you!!!

Again, sorry this post is so basic, but I really have spent an inordinate amount of time getting nowhere, so I thought I'd just be honest about it and quit while behind. Anyway...

... until next time.

*Due to both budget and interest constraints - mostly interest - Cape Canaveral live weather updating is likely to be extremely buggy and may have wait times of up to... well, forever.